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Welcome to Dickson Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Insurance Price Guarantee "Know What You Owe"- If insurance covers less than expected, we'll cover the difference. * Does not apply if you've had charges at other practices or to estimated patient copayments

Denture/Partial Guarantee - If you are not 100% happy, we'll either make it right or refund your money. * Must be requested within 90 days or final denture/partial or hard reline. * Must be returned within 90 days of completion and prior to refund.

Free Copy of X-rays - If you move or want a second opinion

No Insurance? Free X-rays and Exam and Fair Cash, Check and Credit Card Prices:

Procedure                    Local Fees        Our Fee       Savings          Payments

D2330--White Filling - 1 surface         $150                $113             $37

D3330--Root Canal- Back Tooth        $1019               $764             $255           $63.67

D2740--Metal Free Crown (Cap)         $1039                $779             $260            $64.91

D0140--Emergency Exam               $66                FREE              $66

D0330--Full mouth x-ray                $100                 FREE              $100

D7140--Basic Extraction                $164               $123             $41

Other Procedures:  25% off local fees 

* Does not apply to work in progress. * May not be combined with other offers or insurance. * If insured, patient will get the greater discounted rate.

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Anxious? No charge for Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas). Your comfort should not cost extra.

Emergency? We offer same day care